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All Georgians deserve access to quality and affordable healthcare services. Currently, 1.5 million Georgians do not have healthcare largely due to the fact that our Governor has refused to expand Medicaid leaving hundreds of thousands of Georgians to suffer and bear the burden of unnecessary medical debt. Additionally, Georgia has the second-highest maternal mortality rate in the country, which disproportionately affects women of color and women who live in rural areas of the state. In the past ten years, eight hospitals in rural Georgia have been shut down leaving many Georgians to travel sometimes over 2 hours to get to the nearest hospital. In addition to that, according to the Board of Health Care Workforce, 60 of Georgia’s 159 counties have no pediatrician, 76 counties have no OB/GYN, 18 counties have no physicians practicing family medicine, 74 counties have no general surgeons, and 9 counties in Georgia have no doctor at all. Courtney is ready to fight to strengthen and improve the quality of healthcare for all Georgians.

As your state representative, Courtney will:

  • Support and advocate for the expansion of Medicaid to support the 13.2% of residents in Houston County who are uninsured.


  • Work to expand access to quality reproductive healthcare and end the maternal healthcare disparities that affect women of color and women in rural areas.


  • Advocate for better incentives for healthcare professionals to provide quality healthcare, including mental health care in underserved communities. 


  • Work to provide Georgians with affordable mental health care services.



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