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All Georgians deserve access to quality and affordable healthcare services. Currently, 1.5 million Georgians do not have healthcare largely due to the fact that our Governor has refused to expand Medicaid leaving hundreds of thousands of Georgians to suffer and bear the burden of unnecessary medical debt. Additionally, Georgia has the second-highest maternal mortality rate in the country, which disproportionately affects women of color and women who live in rural areas of the state. In the past ten years, eight hospitals in rural Georgia have been shut down leaving many Georgians to travel sometimes over 2 hours to get to the nearest hospital. In addition to that, according to the Board of Health Care Workforce, 60 of Georgia’s 159 counties have no pediatrician, 76 counties have no OB/GYN, 18 counties have no physicians practicing family medicine, 74 counties have no general surgeons, and 9 counties in Georgia have no doctor at all. Courtney is ready to fight to strengthen and improve the quality of healthcare for all Georgians.


As your state representative, Courtney will:

  • Support and advocate for the expansion of Medicaid to support the 13.2% of residents in Houston County who are uninsured.

  • Work to expand access to quality reproductive healthcare and end the maternal healthcare disparities that affect women of color and women in rural areas.

  • Advocate for better incentives for healthcare professionals to provide quality healthcare, including mental health care in underserved communities.

  • Work to provide Georgians with affordable mental health care services.


As a mother to a kindergartener, I understand firsthand the importance of ensuring that our public schools have the funding and resources needed to succeed. All Georgians deserve a quality public school education no matter their income, zip code or race. Currently, Georgia is ranked 30th in PreK - 12 education. We must seek solutions that prove that we are dedicated to the investment in Georgia’s future, which starts with our children. In the current budget, education funding has been cut by more than $383 million leaving districts to suffer from shortages of adequate care and benefits for crucial support staff, including bus drivers and substitute teachers. Georgia is one of only eight states in the U.S. that does not provide additional funding specifically to educate students living in poverty. Funding reforms of the last 30 years in the rest of the country have led to increased opportunities for lower-income schools that then increase student achievement. When elected, I will work with my colleagues in the Georgia Assembly to bring those ideas and solutions to level the playing field for all Georgia students.


As your state representative, Courtney will:

  • Fight to end the economic disparities in public school funding to ensure that all Georgia’s public school children have equitable access to a quality education.

  • Advocate to increase salaries for teachers and support staff.

  • Restore full funding to HOPE grants and explore additional need based scholarships and grant opportunities for higher education.


Following the 2020 elections results, we have seen an attack on our fundamental right to vote through countless anti-voter provisions. There is great power in our vote. Our communities cannot gain back their power if our people are denied their right to vote. I will defend our democracy to make sure each and every vote counts. 


As your state representative, Courtney will:

  • Work to repeal voter suppression legislation.

  • Advocate for expanding the number of drop box locations.

  • Work to restore the responsibility of our elections back in the hands of our local County Board of Elections officials. 


As a veteran and advocate for veterans and military families, Courtney understands first-hand the obligation to care for the men and women who served our nation. We must ensure that Georgia provides a welcoming home for our veterans and their families. The men and women who have fought for our country deserve top-tier healthcare and support services. That’s why Courtney will work alongside our federal leadership to streamline the VA to ensure quicker access to treatment, and make sure that all veterans can access the health care and mental health care they deserve. Courtney supports expanding mental health and suicide prevention services for all those who sacrifice for our country. And lastly, no veteran should be unhoused. As your state representative, Courtney will advocate for support and fund programs that ensure housing for the men and women who have given so much to serve and protect our country.


Courtney will advocate for:

  • Solutions to end veteran homelessness

  • Improving military to civilian transitional support

  • Efficient and accessible healthcare and mental health treatment

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